Welcome to CCWE

We understand that a wedding or an event can take many months or even years of planning, it can be costly and often involves a degree of emotional investment.

Venues or suppliers who are accepted as a member of CCWE commit to a Code of Practice, a nationally recognised code that provides their customers with a clear commitment to customer service and high standards.

Despite meticulous planning sometimes things go wrong. In these circumstances CCWE are the experts in helping parties resolve disputes without the need for costly and lengthy litigation.

For Consumers

If you would like find out how the team at CCWE can help you in resolving a dispute with a business, please click here where you can raise your dispute or access our advice pages.

For Businesses

We don’t just help resolve disputes. We work with businesses to raise standards through our member advice, consultancy and training services.  For more information about how CCWE can support your business click here.

Our Aims

  • Inspire consumer confidence

  • Raise industry standards

  • Provide customers and business with clear expectations

  • Settle disputes fairly when things go wrong

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